GoodPAYE makes it super easy for employees to make a big difference to the causes they care about.

With some fresh thinking and new technology, we've shaken up Payroll Giving.
It's the simplest, most efficient and most impactful way for employees of any business to donate to their chosen charities directly from their salary, tax-free and hassle-free.

For Employers

Payroll Giving costs you nothing, is easy to set up & run, improves your CSR and motivates your workforce.

For Employees

Supporting the causes you care about has never been easier or more impactful. Make your donations mean more.

For Charities

Generate a regular & reliable income stream and build-long lasting relationships with new supporters. 

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a long-standing government scheme that allows employees to make charitable donations directly from their salary before it is taxed.

GoodPAYE has shaken up the way Payroll Giving traditionally works, making it far easier for employers, employees and charities.


GoodPAYE works with employers of all sizes to proactively promote and facilitate Payroll Giving to their employees.


Employees can opt-in at any time, choose the charities they want to support, and set their monthly donation amount.


The employer's Payroll team make the deductions from their employees' gross salary.


The employer sends all the deductions in one lump sum to their Payroll Giving Agency, who distribute the donations to the employees' chosen charities.


The charities pay GoodPAYE a one-off fee for every new supporter they introduce.

We're on a mission to revolutionise the way Payroll Giving is delivered. As a technology-led business, we will increase the accessibility and uptake of Payroll Giving, and drive huge financial and social impact to charities, employers and their employees.

Richard Packman
Managing Director, GoodPAYE

We're different.  In a good way.

We are 100%

Charitable giving is in our blood. It's what makes us tick. 

We've improved
the process

We're using digital-led strategies and new technology to make it much easier and better for everyone.

We've got big

We are committed to raising an additional £150m for charities by 2030 via Payroll Giving.

Some of the charities we work with:

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