The Easy Way to Make a Big Difference

GoodPAYE makes it super easy for employees to make a big difference to the causes they care about.

With some fresh thinking and new technology, we've shaken up Payroll Giving.
It's the simplest, most efficient and most impactful way for employees of any business to donate to their chosen charities directly from their salary, tax-free and hassle-free.

Benefits to employers:

Enhanced CSR performance

Payroll Giving contributes to your overall company efforts.

Zero Cost

We mean it. Offering Payroll Giving to your employees will cost you nothing.

Easy to use

We've made it super simple to set up, and hassle-free to run.

Fully integrated PGA

Use our no-fee Payroll Giving Agency for an even easier and seamless experience.

Proactive marketing support

We'll promote Payroll Giving to your employees.

Donation matching

Options to improve employee engagement and increase your own charitable giving.

Employee engagement

Motivate your team by being a responsible employer.

Quality Mark Awards recognition

Show off your CSR efforts for the world to see.

We're different.  In a good way.

We are 100%

Charitable giving is in our blood. It's what makes us tick. 

We've improved
the process

We're using digital-led strategies and new technology to make it much easier and better for everyone.

We've got big

We are committed to raising an additional £150m for charities by 2030 via Payroll Giving.

It's super simple to get started
Here's how it works:

It's really easy to get started, it costs you nothing and takes 5 minutes. Once you've signed up, we'll create your own unique GoodPAYE portal.


We'll provide you with ready-to-go communications and marketing tools to engage with your employees, show them how it works and help you promote Payroll Giving.


Your payroll team can log-in to the GoodPAYE portal, download the employee instructions and upload them into your payroll software to make the necessary deductions each month. 


Transfer all the employee deductions and any matched donations in one lump sum each month to our integrated Payroll Giving Agency. There are no fees and we'll take care of everything!

Some of the charities we work with:

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